holland llyn pharmaceutical and leiden university signed an agreement on research cooperation

the bridge between chinese and western medicine in systemic biology

jan van der GreefJan van der Greef фессор and academician wu llyn signed an agreement

20 november 2014 in лейденском university centre in the netherlands drug systemic biology jan van der turkey vulture, chinese academy of engineering, professor wu ling academy of sciences jointly signed the "on the basis of цили метаболома Qiangxin capsules in the treatment of chronic heart failure, material basis and mechanism of action of scientific research cooperation agreement. the project implemented in the early Qiliqiangxin capsule based on the treatment of chronic heart failure clinical data on the basis of the evidence of safety and effectiveness, and цили Qiangxin capsule has the characteristic of heart, diuretics and a vasodilator effect of the combination of system biology approach, explain цили strong heart capsule material basis and selection for the role of character теристик correlations showed also play the scientific meaning of "system of power", to find фармакодинамические basis цили Qiangxin capsules in the treatment of chronic heart failure is of great importance
from leiden university of holland was founded in 1575, is the oldest institution of higher education in the netherlands is one of the most prestigious european universities. for almost five centuries, leiden university trained many outstanding leaders and outstanding talents, including the current prime minister of the netherlands mark rutte in a total of 10 dutch leader, 16 nobel prize winner (lorentz, einstein and fermi) and nine heads of foreign states (sixth president, john quincy adams, the second world war, the then british prime minister winston черчи лль, former president of south africa nelson mandela, two former nato secretary general long) in leiden to study, teaching, and the other side have left their traces. leiden university consists of 9 colleges, more than 50 units, more than 150 experts from 11 major areas of research, there are more than 40 national or international research institutions in the school.

llyn and cooperation of university of cardiff marriage of antitumor drugs

on 20 october, the first meeting of кардиффского university medical institute llyn pharmaceutical research center in beijing. the centre will focus on tcm modernization and internationalization of traditional chinese medicine anti - тумора the objectives of the study, clinical application and cancer research the border theory and company's talent training, intellectual resources, technique resources, the market sharing of resources to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation. the opening ceremony was attended by the minister of finance at the university of british кардиффского, chairman of professor colin riordan, wu llyn, cheng Shujun,.
hebei llyn medical institute of the ministry of science and technology of traditional chinese medicine in international science and technology cooperation base, wu llyn, academician of the chinese engineering academy and the theory of collateral diseases on the basis of the study made a number of achievements in medicine and in medical college, baylor university in the us, the jackson laboratory in the united states, south korea, великобрита research institute of sweden and other countries, experts and scholars of the opening Tongluo preparations of broad cooperation and exchanges, and made a series of achievements of international cooperation, the creation of the world institute of chinese medicine federation of professional committee of collateral disease, and is actively preparing for the construction of the european institute of collateral disease, disease collateralization studies have a significant rapid impact on the medical profession in the world
it is located in the city of cardiff casey park of leading top university of the world top 100 world universities. he was also a british old school, the university of кардиффского university in great britain. the history of the university of кардиффского and contribution can be traced in 1883, the british group russell members of veteran and one of the main founders of the group, founded the british top 20 universities, english ivy league schools. university of cardiff is one of the most innovative and enterprising universities in britain, and is one of the most successful and famous universities. the cardiff university school of medicine, founded in 1893, is one of the largest medical schools in the uk and europe. the college has a medical library and modern medical equipment, for students to provide a good learning environment. in 2007, the hospital professor martin evans jazz won the nobel prize in medicine, attracts many foreign students come to study.

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