Some Comparison & Explaining Between TCM and Western Medicine
Treatment for cancer should be continued, staged, systematic. Nowadays, no one can cure the cancer even all over the world. So, in a sense, recrudescence and metastasis definitely.However, reduce down the frequency of recrudescence, slow down the speed of metastasis, is the effective result from ...
The high number of tumor markers does not mean that there must be a tumor
In recent years, the incidence of malignant tumors is getting higher and higher, people talk about "cancer" discoloration. So, we all hope that in the physical examination by checking the tumor markers, to early screening, diagnosis or elimination of malignant tumors. However, after actually checkin...
The common symptoms of liver tumors
A liver tumor is a tumor that occurs at the site of the liver. The liver is one of the predilection sites of the tumor. Benign tumors are rare, and metastatic tumors are more common in malignant tumors. Early symptoms are not obvious, but the course of disease usually develops rapidly. When typical ...
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