Hospital Department
Yiling Hospital belongs to Yiling Company Group, which is composed from Yiling Hospital, Yiling Health Center and Yiling International Travel Agency.
Yiling hospital was founded by academician Wu Yiling in 1992. Over 20 years of rapid development, it has become a modern and comprehensive hospital with highest level of private hospital, adopting integrated comprehensive and systematic treatment, especially for cancer treatment,fibromyalgia treatment, scleroderma treatment, rheumatoid arthritis treatment,myasthenia gravis treatment,muscular atrophy treatment, has achieved significant effect.
The Integrated Treatment includes:
1)Common hospital treatment: combined TCM and western medicine together, necessary modern machine test, necessary medicine and liquids, etc.
2)Specific TCM treatment: based on different body condition, adopting different treatment, like acupuncture/cupping/scraping/five-element bath/TCM recuperation etc.
3)Patent TCM medicines: with the help of academicians’ research team, Yiling Hospital has researched a serious of effective patent medicine.
4)Medicated diets and health accommodations: every detail in daily life focus on health problems.
5)Regimen exercises: different kinds of regimen movements, a mixture from Taiji, Wushu, Qigong, dancing, soft but healthy movements.
6)Teaching courses: professional doctors will teach what and how to do when go back at home, to take care by self, so that don’t worry about the health problem in future.
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