6 People In Three Generations Stricken With Disease

The 29-year-old Jiang Kaiqian was supposed to lead a rosy life. At the age of 18, he went southwards to Shenzhen alone and landed a steady job. Back then he had this dream of collecting a fortune and building a flat new house back home. 

In 2006, Jiang Kaiqian found the dream drifting away. He who used to run with passion in the basketball field fell crippled and felt that his whole body was frozen bit by bit. 

It reminded Jiang of his late mother. Before she died, she was saddled by frozen body till she could not move at all. In his family clan, his deceased mother, grandmother, aunt and uncle all died in this way. He and Xie Zhaocui, his cousin, were the third-generation who follow the track. 

When he was back home in 2007, Jiang was on the lookout for a doctor and got this weird disease from diagnosis of Southwest Hospital as ALS (a rare disease addressed medically by motor neuron disease) 

On February, 28, 2011, Jiang Kaiqian, an ALS person in Chongqing, was transferred to Shijiazhuang from Yiling Hospital in Hebei for treatment. 

At 7:00 on March, 30, 2011, Jiang Kaiqian stepped onto the train to Chongqing under the escort of his cousin. 

After a month of diagnosis, Jiang showed a turnaround in his state of illness. Before discharge, Jiang saw the reporter in the ward and instantly wrote down ‘thank you’ on the multifunctional backboard. Slowly but clearly, he said ‘thank you’, a feeble but coherent sound. 

In the hospital ward, Jiang indicated that he could indicate the action of hoisting two arms at the same time after the one-month cure. ‘His arm recovery is pretty good. See, he is proving it to you.’ Jiang’s cousin said in delight who also told the reporter that his two legs got some strength. ‘I sat on the chair and he pushed me around. We can do it for several times.’ 

‘From his present condition, frequency of his muscle pulse is evidently declining and his illness deterioration slows down; his linguistic function is also improved and his pronunciation of words gets better, so is his deglutition. He would not get choked if he is slow in dining; oh, one more thing, he can move big steps and his arms got strength. He can stand for like over 10 minutes.’ Li Jianjun, director in the Department of Amyotrophy said. 

The Hospital also got two-month oral drug for Jiang. After sending Jiang back home from Chongqing, Doctor Li Jianjun also sent drugs to curing his female cousin who showed the same disease. 

In 2014, ice bucket challenge aimed at helping the ALS patients was in vogue in the world. On knowing Ice Bucket Challenge, Jiang Kaiqian texted your correspondent: “thank you all. I am grateful for all good people.’ 

From Chongqing Evening News 

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