Oncology Department

Introduction to Cancer Treatment Department

We provide new, integrated, professional cancer treatment in China, have successfully hellped many cancer patients worldwide. We have professional cancer treatment center in China. Welcome cancer patients from all ove the world come to China for treating.

Our advantages:

New/Integrated/Professional treating method

Traditional Chinese Medicine(different kinds of medicines)

TCM special & specific treating method: Acupuncture, Tuina, Five-Element Bath, etc.

Healthy accommodations: Health-theme hotel

Medicated diets: Based on Homology between medicine and food

Regimen exercises: Special exercise combined Taiji, Wushu, Dancing together, regulating inner organs in body.

Yiling hospital oncology department affiliated to Hebei medical university, is the key developing department of Yiling Hospital, which has a strong scientific research force. Using integrated, collaborative, targeted, minimally invasive, " the eight therapeutic principles and anti-cancer Chinese medicine + tumor involvement, biological treatment and individualized treatment "four integrated treatment mode, comprehensive treat of various benign and malignant tumors. Using the principle of pain control, it is essential to control the cancer pain. Our research team is composed of 28 academicians, some members are from the national professional committee, some members are of the provincial oncology committee and the standing committee. Department carrys out the traditional Chinese medicine,  strengthen anti-cancer, tumor minimally invasive interventional, focus ultrasonic knife, radiofrequency ablation, radioactive particles implantation, millimeter wave, heat treatment, biological, immune, chemotherapy and other treatments.

Cancer treatment Department has the rich clinical experience in treating lung cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer,prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, bone tumors and so on, especially for those can not have surgery, postoperative recurrence, radiation therapy, the treatment of patients with recurrent transfer middle-late tumor has a unique diagnostic features and significant advantages.

TCM Characteristic Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: using traditional Chinese medicine such as ShenLingLan and YangZhengXiaoJi Capsule, under the guidance of collateral disease theory .YangZhengXiaoJi capsule is a collection of many anti-tumor Chinese medicine, which can be used to fight the tumor by killing, starving and dying tumor cells, to improve the ability of disease resistance and rehabilitation and improve the quality of life of the patients. Chinese medicine capsule can inhibit cancer cells get connected or spreading, inhibit the fomulation of vitro vascular, prevent tumor metastasis in abdomen breast, which works on the breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer and many different kinds of cancerscan effectively control the tumor lesion development, improve the clinical symptoms, improve quality of life, prolong survival time.

Minimally invasive interventional therapy: in the digital subtraction, the blood vessels of the tumor are found, and anti-tumor and western drug perfusion and embolization are performed to block the tumor to nourish blood vessels and starve the tumor.

Heat treatment: is a tumor hyperthermia instrument in a shorter time to deep tumor tissue temperature can cause the death of 42 degrees more than ten minutes to half an hour, the tumor "heat death" a cure. This method is known as "green therapy" because it does not cause damage to normal tissues around the tumor while killing the tumor cells.

Individualized treatment: according to the patient's specific conditions, such as pathological types, location, degree of tolerance, physical psychology, can cooperate with clinical treatment, etc., set up a targeted therapy, and corresponding treatment methods and measures, implementation of the overall treatment to the patients.

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