Drug treatment of scleroderma
How is the skin hardened? Let's take a brief look. Normal human skin consists of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The dermis contains a lot of collagen fibers, it is like a net support the skin, so that the skin to maintain a certain tension. Subcutaneous tissue contains a lot of fat, i...
Be careful to let the skin harden
In recent years, every winter by a cold, Xiaoru's hands and feet become cold and pale, a few minutes later become bruised, to be warm over the skin began to turn red, serious will be born frostbite. At the beginning, Xiaoru's family only think that girls, physical may be worse. But since last year, ...
Talk about the late symptoms of scleroderma
Under normal circumstances the performance of scleroderma early symptoms of hardening the skin, the iconic symptoms is the skin changes. Different degrees of varying degrees of disease, light only local skin sclerosis and calcification, severe cases can be extensive skin sclerosis thickening. What i...
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