Feedback from Fibromyalgia patient
Before this treatment, I never thought that I could stop the pain from Fibro.........
Cases of thyroid cancer, liver cancer, uterine fibroids
Miss Mao,female, 80 years old, thyroid cancer, airway oppressed obviously, provided symptomatic support treatment + immunotherapy + TCM + chemotherapy and so on, after 6 months, the symptoms are significantly improved, and the tumor is significantly reduced....
China's wisdom to help life beautiful bloom-Ida's Chinese story (d)
This day is Saturday, Ida said to give me makeup, let me more like "I". Well, the beauty of the girls so promised, lying on the bed was Ida toss for half an hour later, he took out her hat to me. The hat is so soft and comfortable, is a lovely alpaca plush, makeup do not comment, and you do not l...
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