Typical Cases In The Hospital

Cases of thyroid cancer, liver cancer, uterine fibroids


Miss Mao,female, 80 years old, thyroid cancer, airway oppressed obviously, provided symptomatic support treatment + immunotherapy + TCM + chemotherapy and so on, after 6 months, the symptoms are significantly improved, and the tumor is significantly reduced.



Mr Xiao,67 years old, primary liver cancer, AFP1000u/ml, abdominal CT: giant liver cancer, with focal form, lump existed right inferior vena cava and portal vein, and invasion the liver capsule with subcapsular effusion, cirrhosis, portal vein broadening, cholecystitis, drainage around the gallbladder, one accessory spleen. Provided interventional embolization + Chinese medicine and other integrated treatments. Effect obvious.



Miss Wei, female, 21 years old, uterine fibroids.

Treatment time: 2017-3-24

Review time: 2017-5-29

the tumor was reduced by 69.94% after treatment in two months

The contrast of the treatment of uterine fibroids was shown in the treatment of uterine fibroids.

Tumor size Before:  5.27x5.16x4.13=112.31

After treatment:  3.36x3.72x2.88=36.00


The volume decreased by 67.94%

TCM treatment, the good news for uterine fibroids.

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