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China's wisdom to help life beautiful bloom-Ida's Chinese story (c)

Ida returned, as just arrived in China, the time difference does not fall, and immediately into the Swedish life to go. At this time she is with a beautiful smile looking at the children riding on horseback. Ida also wanted to ride with the children, peace of the physical condition, so that she is more and more believe that they can live happily happy, she pleased to tell me to return home for 3 days, the body is still like in China when the conditioning As well as the pain is still in the 3, she was a little look forward, looking forward to 2 weeks after the check, she would like to see the magic of Chinese medicine conditioning so that her body how to change.

I sent out the Ida tongue photos she recorded every day, Ida laughed, so we began to look forward to a pile of data and a pile of tongue and fur photos together will look like.

Sweden Ma Ma just returned to a cold, she said to bring my cold back to Sweden, I said because she was accustomed to the temperature of the sun in Shijiazhuang. Our great international village is also really to force, Ida and Ma Ma in the time, really experience a few days of beautiful sunshine days.

Sunny morning, we practice Tongluo exercises.

Even in the infusion, does not prevent me from enjoying the sun Oh.

I am a cool Swedish hemp, love to eat Chinese meat Rouga Oh.

Today is China's "dragon rise" of the day, Ma Ma's husband in the Philippines also made a hair, we eat spring cake in China myself!
Our life is full of sunshine, but to enjoy these sunshine, have to have a good sunshine mood.
Ida is always smiling to accept the treatment, whether in the hospital or in the health of the city, always smiling. But one day, Wang Zhuren suddenly asked her one, "When you have a child worried about fear of things?" For Wang suddenly asked, I am also very puzzled.
Wang Zhuren with Chinese medicine to Ida to explain her cancer: fear of kidney, kidney bone marrow. When her body's immune system has been destroyed, the first invasion, is her bones, it is because of kidney yin deficiency, and kidney is weak, but and fear of even connected.
Wang Zhiren profound words, let Ida almost cry out. He was four years old, and his father separated, a child she has been living in deep fear, she was afraid to do their own good enough, afraid of no one to accompany, afraid of being abandoned ... ... so she has been hard to Work, at the age of only 25 years old to do a very large scale of the British nursing institution manager positions, until she met her Prince Charming, and then, fate and not because of her efforts to her too much favoritism ... 

It is on this day, Ida felt the "gas", that is often mentioned by the Chinese medicine mysterious "gas." A root needle into the skin, the initial feeling is pain, but suddenly, the body is like to be opened The same, she felt the flow of blood inside the body, in a violent impact on her body somewhere. The next moment, as if she had heard a needle in the body talking, the kind of waist was clenched feeling that she was full of a sense of security.
Gradually, Ida learned to relax, she smiled and told me that she no longer live for others, she no longer worry about yourself in someone else's heart is not good enough, because she knows, in the eyes of the most loved ones, she It does not need to be great. Wang Zhuren also pleased to laugh, heart to open, sick knot also opened.
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