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China's wisdom to help life beautiful bloom-Ida's Chinese story (d)

This day is Saturday, Ida said to give me makeup, let me more like "I". Well, the beauty of the girls so promised, lying on the bed was Ida toss for half an hour later, he took out her hat to me. The hat is so soft and comfortable, is a lovely alpaca plush, makeup do not comment, and you do not like to see good friends do not like.

The focus is the hat, but it is another color hat! Ma Ma in order to express the gratitude of the doctors, spent several months personally woven hat, give the lovely King Qi a red, and give Iraq a milky white (Ma Ma and my coat color is !), Gave Wang Zhuren and Wang Le a green! The The
Yes! Ma Ma said, green people shines, people feel calm!
I told him in my heart many times, really let people shines, but not the mood is calm, do not know the ... ...

Hospital wards to remind the ringtones, is a song accompanied by the Swedes grew up - "Sang Lu Lucia". Swedes in order to meet the light, with the 'santa Lu Qiya Festival', so that this classic song became the main theme of the Nordic Swedish festival. "Sang Lu Lucia" these words, is a song, is a place name, but also a girl, but also means bright.
Ida and Ma Ma first heard this song when the really was greatly shocked a. Ida said, do not know when to start, she felt that all this is the fate of the arrangements.
Ida wearing a wig is the hair of the Chinese girl; the elephant and Ida standing at the entrance of the hospital and Ida have been wearing elephants on the neck; while Ridge and the University of Cardiff University project, Ida is at Cardiff University Reading; Ida learning pilates in Japan, the teacher taught her to use gas, she always have no means, but to China, in the forest health center, she knows what is gas, feel the gas, used the gas, That made her feel the power of life up ... ...

Ida's eyes are long and narrow, unlike the Western girl's deep eyes, Ma Ma smiled and told her: Ida, maybe you used to be a Chinese girl maybe Ida pulled Ira off the photo, "look at the two Chinese girls look like?

Happy days are always so fast, Ida's treatment has been more than half, from home to return only less than a week's time. In this ordinary but slightly chic Tuesday, Ida saw Wu academician.
Seeing Wu Academician, he sat in the middle of two desks, treated the side of the patient, immediately turned to receive the next one. Accidentally saw, and warm sun came through the window, reflected in this calm and kindly doctor who. Ida can not find the right words to describe him: kind, young, handsome, gentle ...
His hand warm and powerful, Ida thought before, this is the charm of Chinese medicine without name, let him this person is full of charm.
Ida listened carefully to the academician to explain the matter to the attending physician, although she did not understand a word, but she was very serious. Ida said quietly to me, she just want to delay the academician a minute, just want to tell him: "I am honored, and very grateful, thank you let me have the opportunity to China to the ridge, to accept such a good treatment! "

Out from the outpatient room, Ida's face is still red. It was in a short two weeks of treatment, with a ridge about her condition for the third major consultation. Stage treatment is nearing the end, the most intuitive treatment effect is, Ida pain level, has dropped from 7 to 3. And we are very pleased to see, Ida eat rice finally more than the drug, ha ha, this is really a pleasure ah!

These days in the hospital to do the hyperthermia, the magic of the machine, even let Ida feel the feeling of being clinging to the body, like the feeling of acupuncture, Ida do not know the magic should be sigh of Chinese acupuncture, or the sigh cold Machine intelligence. In short, more and more strong sense of security and trust, so that her life, life has a new understanding and expectations.

Hospital combined with rehabilitation department began daily rehabilitation teaching, Health Center director Wang, also with Ida early began self-care teaching.

After another day of treatment, Ida sensitive body feel the magic of those magical Chinese medicine to bring her righteousness. Ida eyes flashing tears, tightly clinging to the director Wang, emotionally told you, "I can feel everyone's efforts, but also feel my body changes. Before coming here, I never thought , Treatment can eat the medicine, lose the liquid, acupuncture massage, physical exercise, and even diet sleep together.I am fortunate to be here, where I feel the hope! "

I understand Ida said "hope", that is not only refers to the instinct of life, it is the heart of the longing.
And this is precisely the power of the right medicine. Medical people benevolent heart of all things, hanging pot save the world to save the living beings.

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