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Feedback from Fibromyalgia patient

I've suffered from Fibro for 20 years, it's the chronic pain, chronic emotion problems, at the first 5 years, nobody understood me, even my family didn't believe me, they thought I was out of mind, I was crazy.....

Then they came to know a little about this chronic disease, and they supported me to find out the effective ways to solve my prolbem.

I was lucky that get help and support from family, however, I didn't find any useful things for more than 10 years.

I had to get used to keep awake at midnight, because of the boring pain, I didn't want to talk with anybody.....

I even wanted to die.....

I was tired of the pain killer, they didn't kill the pain, they nearly killed me....

Luckily, I've found this treatment.

Just after 2 times treatment, the pain in my left leg disappeared, however, the pain in the other leg still exits.

Maybe the doctor wants me to feel the different obviously, so just leave the pain in the other let.

It is unbelivable, but it is true!!!!

Just after 2 times treatment, I got a nice sleep for 1 week!!!!!

I just got some acupuncture, and doctor told me, I need more systematic treatment, that would help more.

I'd like to try, I need to try, I have faith now, I can beat the problem!

From a fibro suffer. Tayor

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