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Ida of the Chinese line of two Chinese wisdom to help life beautiful bloom

   Life is heavy, there are your daughter, one side of the economy, Germany over this.
                                                    ---- Tang Sun Simiao "prepared anxious daughter to square"
Today, the weather is good, sunny, sunny, "hopeful" spring seems to have quietly come, this and "hope" related to the story, we start from the morning Tongluo began.
Ida and her mother have always been the people who love sports, even if Ida is now ill, the two people are always idle, the first few days in the hospital for treatment, most of the time dedicated to the infusion, although those exudes Unique herbal smell of liquid smell very comfortable, but long time lying in bed is indeed a very boring thing.

Ask the attending physician about the physical condition of Ida. In the case of permission, we started the exercise of the Chinese Tongluo. The sun came through the glass wall, moving in the hall of the warm, elegant dress in the first of a song one, one open one, between the pitch, Xian Fan children filling. Yu Xian Sen told Ida, China Tongluo integration of Tai Chi, dance, martial arts and a variety of cultural elements, Confucianism and Buddhism is a combination of Taoist model. Ida practiced Pilates, there are some skills, to start Tongluo to, but also a kind of mold.

The end of the Tongluo gymnastics, with a righteousness, stepping on the sun, we ran toward the Ridge Hospital.
Think of the first time to the hospital, is in the February 16, that is, Ida arrived in the next day of the ridge, she did not attend to the time difference on the adjustment, went straight to the hospital. Although it has been known that the hospital will organize a reception, but came to the spacious and bright VIP room reception room, Ida was full house people deterred a bit. Ida carefully and carefully wrote down everyone, in her words, she must write down every person who will give her life help, intimate and intimate Ida mother also insisted on the presence of every medical staff were framed her The camera.
The president of the hospital conveyed Jia's concern for Ida's illness and made proper arrangements from the aspects of accommodation, diet, examination and treatment. Ida is pleased that his arrival can get so much attention to the hospital, there are so many experts to help her, so that her treatment for the future is full of more expectations. (Picture and text taken from February 16 Ida blog)

First arrived in China, Ida is full of curiosity about everything around him. Drop the pot with a unique herbal smell of liquid, a drop into her body, she accepted the heart, feeling, taste the magical liquid to bring her different feelings.

Cancer metastasis to bring Ida's pain all the time to torture her, her daily pain level is 7, to the rest of the night or other daily fatigue, the pain level can be as high as 8-9. However, this "looks" optimistic and strong girl is always smiling at everyone, even when she was in pain. Yes, after getting along, we gradually found that her optimism is strong, just appearance, all the smile and indifferent just because the inner tension suppressed was buried for too long.

Only a short day of treatment, but Ida sensitive body is able to clearly distinguish between Chinese medicine to bring her new feelings, Ida said that her body cells to experience the pleasure is no name, she can not find the right words To be modified, but she is very sure that these feelings are she never realized. Night back to Health Center, Warming the moxibustion and acupuncture, so that the tension Ida temporarily relaxed down, this day, she slept like a baby as sweet. Those who plague her pain, no trace.

Was hopelessly suppressed for too long, this time Ida eager to hope that more powerful treatment can alleviate or even overcome the cancer to bring her pain.
Ida days of fatigue, the body function is not yet adapted to the new environment, the end of February 17, the hospital treatment, Ida feeling dizzy, tongue fluid lack of fluid, pulse also appears to float. February 18 changed the day before the malaise, the spirit has also been restored, although the expectations of Chinese medicine to her excitement, but also because of fatigue, there have been vomiting.
In the next day, only Ida arrived on the 5th day of the hospital, from Beijing rush back to Jia Yuanchang to lead the main medical staff on Ida's condition for two consecutive days of consultation. The development of "medical and health" comprehensive treatment program, to refine each treatment step, thoughtful and meticulous and orderly.

It was interesting to note that Ida 's face was red when she was so handsome, and she told the interpreter, "Please tell the president that I am very healthy and have a good heartbeat because he is handsome.
Ida is like this to describe her treatment with ridge: I know that the liquid of the hospital is directly in my body, but now I understand that in order to make these liquids can play a multiplier role, need those silver needles and that A pair of magic hands, they can wake my body's gas, they can give me strength, is that these experiences make my body open and inclusive, so as to make the drug play the greatest role.

In order to control the tumor, she followed the latest study, insisting on eating low-carbohydrate foods, in order to control the tumor, Ida arrived in China before, has been repeated monotonous diet, But to China, to the Ridge, when the plate shape beautifully, taste unique food placed in front of her when she realized that the existence of diet is really the most correct reason. She is more and more understand "medicine and health" in the end what is the intention.

A few days of Chinese medicine treatment, so that Ida obviously felt the changes in the body, for the hobby of the root of her, but also want to understand how Chinese medicine to achieve these changes. So, should Ida requirements, we once again into the Ridge Health Center Industrial Park, this time we have to talk about network disease culture.

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