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Yiling Hospital helped breast cancer patient from Sweden

TCM Integreated/New/Professional Treatment for cancer Helped Ida Bostrom with her cancer.

When Ida came to Yiling Hospital, she got pain level 7/24 hours, pain level can reach to 8 or 9 when suddenly stand up or get a sudden hit.

After 3 weeks treatment, the pain level reduced to 3/24 hours.

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Across thousands of miles, China wisdom helps the beautiful girl with breast cancer.

In February 15, 2017, the first day I saw Ida Bostrom, she was carrying a big suitcase, and mom slowly out of the train station, beautiful shape, beautiful appearance, it is hard to imagine that she is breast cancer patients, and after surgery, has spread.
From the illness in 2010 so far, Ida has experienced four times of chemotherapy, hair and she wore wigs; she lashes out, stick on the eyelashes, like all the beautiful girls, the beauty of her wants to look like the others. She could bear the pain of cancer, but she could not have been sentenced to death.
The traditional western medicine chemotherapy makes her body organs overwhelmed, especially liver and kidney and heart function, Ida in the Swedish physician - Oncology medicine expert Nils-Olof Bengtsson is very regret to inform her of her illness was at a loss what to do in Western medicine......

Ida is such a love life, love life, in 2014 the spread of cancer, she started her body medicine, she wanted to know what happened, what is destroying her body, she must try every way to understand it, overcome it, beat it.

Fortunately, she listened to her mother's advice, began to understand Chinese medicine, which has existed for thousands of years of strong presence. Ida's mother is a very wise woman, she clearly understand that western medicine is on science, only hundreds of years of history; and the combination of TCM Chinese wisdom for thousands of years, is a science and experience fusion and sublimation, standing in the east of the world of Chinese culture has a long history of thousands of years.

Ida as a medical student at present, occupation sensitivity prompted her to do a lot of research, from the medical team, enterprise scale, culture all contrast, and our Swedish friends, and eventually let her Yiling kechien.

Less than a month's time, hundreds of emails, dozens of phone calls from the understanding of the basic condition, to the hospital reception from the preliminary plan, apply for a visa, to arrange the transportation, accommodation...... It is only after the Lunar New Year China, Ida and her mother went to the Chinese, to Yiling, began their journey of Chinese medicine for cancer.

In Yiling International Health Health Center Hotel - Triumphal Arch Hotel, is already 1:30 in the afternoon, in order to let the guests as soon as possible in advance with the rest of the meal, our restaurant kitchen to communicate better health diet for guests to enjoy the professional caring the health diet restaurant for the guests left a deep impression.
Unique shape, meaning beautiful, sophisticated taste called flower soil element from exotic chicken let Ida and her mother praise.

Before Ida to Chinese, cancer cells have been transferred, shoulder and hip pain continued greatly to her sleep
Rest quality. In order to allow Ida to rest better, according to the daily rest habits of Ida, we specially arranged for the hotel room in advance to give a lot more comfortable and soft pillow, so as to relieve the pain of the body as a support on the back. In addition, Ida physical wet and cold night, fear of cold, room specially adds a quilt.

Every service personnel are dedicated to each service, not only because they are exotic international friends, it is because every city health personnel for the five star standard strict demands on themselves, every reception, handle every detail.
However, for Ida and her mother, and not the most important, they arrived at China, came to Yiling is wanted by the mysterious Chinese medicine, cancer, strive for more life time. We also know that the reception, a major task.
February 15th evening, Ida and her mother first appeared in Yiling healthy city six floor Tongluo center director Wang Weiguo received them. According to Ida count pulse, yellow and greasy fur symptoms, night by Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy is mainly used for large, ease the pain caused by tumor and preliminary alleviate chills physique.

In the end of the night, magical things have quietly appeared in the Ida body, always fearing cold physique, surprisingly a night sweat, but also significantly reduce the symptoms of pain. Second days to see Ida, her excitement translation tell the difference shows between the lines, her pulse of her, but we use the most intuitive tongue pictures that she saw, just 24 hours, what has happened to her body......

Strong and beautiful Ida on the treatment of Chinese medicine is full of more expectations, this is just the beginning, we also have a "medical support" comprehensive treatment in front of waiting for you! Let's look forward to it!

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